Fri Feb 7 – Nick Cook – The Grand Unified Theory of Matter, Spirit, and the Human Potential

In 2016, Nick Cook was commissioned by the family of Ingo Swann, the God Father of Remote Viewing, to write the story of Ingo’s life. Nick will discuss how these works – bound into a single volume that is due for publication on the eve of the 2020 IRVA conference- amount to Ingo’s ‘grand unified theory’ of matter and spirit, human potential and our place in the order of the cosmos.

He will also talk about what prompted his search for the ultimate weapon: anti-gravity technology. He set up a consultancy that worked with the world’s top aerospace and defense companies to turn defense capability into solutions for ‘planetary defense’ against climate change, drought, hunger, poverty, mass-migration, overcrowded cities and humanitarian crises.
TWITTER: @iamnickcook

Nick Cook is a storyteller with a background in business consulting and technical journalism. He has written 20 fiction and non-fiction books, including a number of ghost-written Sunday Times bestsellers. His non-fiction The Hunt For Zero Point was an Amazon bestseller on both sides of the Atlantic and now his new thriller, The Grid is available.

Nick started as a technology reporter for the world-renowned military affairs journalJane’s Defense Weekly in the 1980s – rising to become its award-winning aerospace
editor – and has maintained a strong interest in technology and technology trends ever since. After Jane’s, he set up the consultancy Dynamixx, working at the top levels of the aerospace and defense industry to find solutions to global ‘grand challenges’ such as climate change, renewable energy, pollution and sustainable, smart/resilient cities.

Aside from writing and analysis, he now helps ‘storytell’ for multinational corporations, mainly in the sustainability field.