Ghost in the Powder

Please enjoy this photo. It shows three ghosts in the powder. Taken at the Grenada Carnival in the Caribbean this year. Enjoy, John Hovan

1950’s Wedding Reception

Hello Art, Welcome back and thank you for your new show. You made a call out for Ghost photos on a recent broadcast (8 Oct 2013?), and I thought of one that I have from…

Wisconsin Girl

Taken in Phillips, Wisconsin the girl died 100 years ago.  They say the girls ghost is there protecting her doll. Jesse

Plantation Ghost

Myrtles plantation at midnight no one else outside pics taken a few seconds apart … Notice what looks like a small child over my right. Dave

Tombstone Hearse Ghost

In 2007 my wife and I while on tour of the Birdcage Saloon in Tombstone Az. snapped this picture of the original Hearse used to carry bodies to Boot Hill. It is on display in…

Ghost Looking at Sofa

Taken in living room, there was nobody smoking and no smoke in the room when photo was taken. Looks like a face looking down toward the sofa. Jay

TV Station Ghost

Hello. I’d like to submit my ghost photo. I work at a television station in San Francisco, & for years now there’s been reports from employees of seeing a ghost. The cleaning crew, who are…

Gettysburg Orbs

I Took this pic in Gettysburg on a Ghost tour October 2012. I love ghost hunting although I never seen a  thing. This is the only orb photo I’ve ever taken. Brett