Mon June 6 – Paul Dean – Classified UFO Reporting

Paul is a Australian researcher who focuses on government and military involvement in response to the UFO phenomena. He has been instrumental in recent times for having the Australian government release previously unseen files from the Department of Defense, Air Services Australia, Australian Transport Safety Bureau, and the National Archives of Australia. Also, Paul and UK colleague David Carmichael have had significant success in seeing that American military and civilian agencies release classified records. Paul has seen fit to have the North American Aerospace Defense Command, US Strategic Command, the 14th Air Force, the Air Force Historical Research Agency, Air Force Space Command, and the Federal Aviation Administration plus a growing list of other military agencies answer some awkward questions about UFOs, as well as have them release records never meant for public consumption.

Paul and his team use the Freedom of Information Act to pry these records out, and are hot on the trail of many more. Some of Paul’s Australian projects have come to fruition by working with Adelaide-based researcher Keith Basterfield. In America, Paul works ceaselessly with one of the greatest FOI requestors in history, Barry Greenwood, and have had a second look at documents released in the 1970’s and 80’s. Paul also has acquired a total of 240,000 pages of UFO-related government records from around the world, some dating back to the 1930’s.

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