Peek A Boo Ghost

I recently went on a “ghost walk” with a local paranormal group through the haunted locations in Downtown Huntsville Alabama. The Twickingham district in our city has a long past of notable hauntings. While touring one home, I captured a series of photos that show what appears to be a image that rises up in the window. I can’t recall the particular history to this home, I can explain the window that this image was taken in. During the 19th and early 20th century the folk lore held that if you sat beneath a blue tinted window pane, it was supposed to be beneficial for what ailments you had at the time. This home had a single window which had these blue panes. I took a series of about 20 pics. Of those, three of them appear to show this image rising up then going back down. I’ve dubbed this “peek a boo” ghost. Of the many pictures that I took of this window, there is no object(lamp shade, vase, etc.) that was in the room where the pictures were taken. In addition, I can assure you that this image was not a product of photographic manipulation or other trickery.

I did some further investigation and have found that the female head that appears to be rising up, is wearing a Red Cross surgical nurse’s “hat” circa 1917. I have had these images enhanced and examined and the consensus is that there is indeed an image of something there. I will leave it to the experts to decide who or what this is.

Thanks, Craig