Mon Jul 15 (Hour 1-2) – R.J. Von-Bruening – The Secret History of Creation

Tonight we will take you on a profound journey into the mysterious mystical esoteric symbolism of the largely forgotten Dream Vision that is buried deep within the ancient Book of Enoch. It is a unique and captivating journey that reveals one of the most heretical, blasphemous, and controversial accounts of creation ever told, for both believer and skeptic.

Author, R.J. von-Bruening, is a passionate researcher of the recondite knowledge of the occultic arts, specializing in the mystical esoteric symbolism and its relationship to the ancient Book of Enoch, the Bible, and ancient mythology. Unlocking the Dream Vision: The secret history of creation is the product of a decades of research into the mystical esoteric symbolism, the occult, and the secret societies that hide it. He has appeared on numerous Podcasts and Radio shows covering such topics as esoteric symbolism, ancient mysteries, mythology, secret societies, conspiracy theories, UFOs and the paranormal.

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