Tue Aug 6 (Hour 3) Richard S. Omura – Aliens or Angels?

Richard Omura takes us on a journey of a metaphysical experiment where he communicates with purported extra-terrestrial beings that claim to be from a spiritual reality that surrounds us.




Richard Omura has been deeply immersed in two cultures, Japanese and American, enabling him to see how words and actions are so strongly influenced by the box of culture and tradition. His experiences in the world has enabled him to come up with fresh new perspectives. He has delved into transcendental states of consciousness and discovered insights into himself and the universe with explorations into religion, spirituality, science and philosophy.

Aside from creative, spiritual and intellectual pursuits, he is also an adventurer. Omura has been in films, lead TV crews all over the US, and composed, recorded, and produced original music. He has even written seven books, six screenplays, and played in various clubs in Los Angeles with his blues band. Omura currently works as a professional photographer and writer.

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