Tue Jan 3 – Roy Horne – The Mandela Effect

Roy will be discussing the Mandela Effect, Quantum Mechanics and Computing, CERN, and Hopi Prophecy.

Roy Horne is a musician and author of the book Mandela Effect Ascension. In the early 1970’s Horne spent 18 months studying the Toltec teachings with people adept with Ancient Toltec Knowledge. Through these experiences he was shown the current control grid paradigm and the true nature of reality. He spent a lifetime practicing dreaming techniques, not-doing recapitulation, stalking personal power, and control of the internal dialogue. The Mandela Effect coincided with a personal experiment in controlled folly and the timing put everything together. He wrote this book for his two sons for a record of the Truth.

Website: meascension.com


Exhibits for tonights show:

Berenstain is now....
Berenstain is now….





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