Wed Feb 26 – Rev. Shawn Whittington – Exorcism, Demons and the Supernatural

Rev Shawn, “The Rev” will share his experiences being an ordained and a trained Registered Exorcism including his personal journey he and his wife Sharon have suffered and survived severe demonic attacks which led them down this path.

Reverend Shawn Whittington is a devout Catholic, Ordained and a trained Registered Exorcism – Deliverance Minister. His wife Sharon is a near death experience survivor, a certified Stephen Minister through her Lutheran faith, and a sensitive/ intuitive. They are a husband and wife ghost busting team based in Las Vegas, Nevada with over 40 years combined experience. The team is fully equipped to perform a thorough paranormal investigation if needed. But, (The Ministry), strives to go one step further than just ghost hunting, specializing in getting rid of unwanted “guests” in people’s homes.

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