Fri Feb 15 – Susan Sheppard – The Enigma of Indrid Cold & Other Unusual Beings

Susan Sheppard shares the most unique paranormal tales in the nation including the Banshee of Marrtown, Indrid Cold, West Virginia Mothman, Civil War ghosts, and much more.



TWITTER: @Susanasheppard

Susan Sheppard is a long time paranormal investigator, researcher and experiencer. Her West Virginia childhood was marked by a wide range of unusual experiences such as growing up near one of the first Mothman sightings, encounters with the Men in Black, sensing spirits (as well as other manifestations of the mysterious and the unknown) at an very early age. Her grandmother was a psychic medium and her favorite aunt was a practicing spiritualist.

Susan is currently the creator and main story-teller for the Haunted Parkersburg Ghost Tours, one of the top #10 Ghost Tours in the nation.

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