Scientist ‘solves’ mystery of the Bermuda Triangle – by claiming there was no mystery in the first place

Defying 70 years of fevered speculation, a sceptical scientist has dared to declare that the mystery of the Bermuda Triangle has been ‘solved’ – by claiming there was no mystery in the first place. Karl Kruszelnicki has insisted the reason why so many ships and planes vanish without trace in the area between Bermuda, Florida, […]

Bermuda Triangle Mystery Solved! 170 MPH “Air Bombs” to Blame

The Bermuda Triangle has been a source of wonderment for scientists and amateurs alike for hundreds of years. The 500,000 square mile area is infamous for the disappearance of ships and aircraft from no apparent cause, leading to all forms of conjecture. Now scientists believe they have cracked the case, according to the U.K. Express. […]

Why has part of the Alaskan wilderness been called the Bermuda Triangle?

Amid the untouched beauty of Alaska‘s varying landscape, a mystery lingers. Because people seem to go missing at an eerily high rate, a large section of the state has come to be called Alaska’s Bermuda Triangle. Planes go down, hikers go missing and Alaskan residents and tourists seem to vanish into the largely untouched backdrop. […]

Possible Cause For The Bermuda Triangle Found

Methane gas is becoming the scapegoat for more and more problems and mysteries. This week, scientists discovered massive underwater craters off the coast of Norway that appear to have been caused by methane explosions. On the ground, these can cause huge mysterious holes like those in Siberia. Some scientists now believe that underwater methane explosions […]

Siberian scientists say exploding holes ‘are the key to Bermuda Triangle’

The craters – two in Yamal and one on the Taymyr peninsula – were revealed during the summer, leading to urgent analysis by scientists as well as a wave of speculation suggesting the cause was aliens from outer space, meteorites, or stray missiles. Now respected Science in Siberia journal has come up with a coherent […]

U.S. Coast Guard forced to rescue man in Bermuda Triangle inflatable ‘bubble’ stunt

To passing boaters, he likely looked like a hamster in a ball, bobbing up and down in a blow-up bubble in the Atlantic Ocean en route to Bermuda — across the Devil’s Sea. Reza Baluchi was on a mission to trace the Bermuda Triangle — 1,000 miles to Bermuda, 1,000 miles to Puerto Rico and […]