Wed Jan 16 – Dr. Melba Ketchum – The Sasquatch Genome Project

Dr. Melba Ketchum will take you into the core of the Sasquatch Genome Project with information and an in depth discussion about not only the project but also Sasquatch and other Cryptides. TWITTER: @drmelbaketchum Dr. Melba S. Ketchum grew up south of Houston, Texas. She is a Moody Scholar and attended Texas A&M […]

Tue May 22 – William Jevning – The Minnesota Iceman

In the last half of Midnight in the Desert with Dave Schrader, mysteries abound with the discovery of The Minnesota Iceman and a historic look at encounters with Bigfoot creatures.  In 1967, a sideshow performer named Frank Hansen revealed to the world, a Beast, frozen in ice. Hansen’s exhibit preceded the infamous Patterson-Gimlin account by […]

Fri April 27 – Elaine (Bigfoot lives in her backyard) Art Bell Replay

Elaine moved to Texas from Hawaii in late 2006.  She quickly realized life in East Texas was quite different from what she had left behind in Hawaii.  At her new isolated, country home, she soon realized her and her son were not alone.  Elaine felt as if she was being watched, noticed her rabbits being […]

BIGFOOT PROOF? Sasquatch hunter discovers HUGE footprint in US wilderness

Bigfoot proof? Sasquatch hunter Cliff Barackman believes he’s found new evidence Cliff Barackman, who has been on the trail of the mythical beast for 20 years, recovered giant footprints from an abandoned mattress in the US wilderness. Photos show the barefooted prints, measuring an enormous 13 inches long by five-and-a-half inches wide, impressed upon the […]

The Bigfoot Lawsuit Against California Actually Makes Some Really Good Points

A California woman who claims she saw Sasquatch perched in a tree last year is suing California for refusing to accept what she now knows to be true: Bigfoot inhabits the San Bernardino mountains. Claudia Ackley – who has been researching Bigfoot for the last two decades – was hiking with her two daughters, aged […]

The (Very!) Strange Saga of the Invisible Bigfoot

By Nick Redfern Most investigators of the Bigfoot phenomenon take the view that the beasts they seek are flesh and blood animals that have been incredibly lucky, in terms of skillfully avoiding us, or getting captured and killed. There is, however, another theory that may explain how and why Bigfoot always eludes us, at least […]