Here we go again… Daylight saving time: When and why we spring clocks forward

Friendly reminder: daylight saving time returns at 2 a.m. (local time) on Sunday, March 11, which means it’s almost time to “spring” those clocks forward. Sadly, yes, we’ll lose an hour of sleep. But on the bright side (literally), we’ll be gaining an hour of evening light through Nov. 4 — when it’s time to […]

Florida may pass “Sunshine Protection Act” and go on Daylight Saving Time all year round

This is a very good idea that all of North America should consider. At sunset on some beaches in Florida, a lot of people gather with a bottle of wine and applaud the sunset. An extra hour of sunshine in the evening would just extend the party. That’s one reason that the wonderfully named “Sunshine […]

Four ways that falling back from Daylight Saving Time can kill you

We go through this ridiculous change for no good reason at all, yet it is unhealthy and dangerous. For years I have been railing on about why we still have Railway Time, our time zone system developed for the convenience of those who wrote train schedules and then TV guides. Twice a year I complain […]

Pros and Cons of Daylight Savings Time

Days before they head to the polls, most Americans will face something almost as contentious as this year’s presidential race: daylight saving time (often called daylight savings time). The twice-yearly changing of the clocks (spring forward one hour in spring, fall back one hour in fall) boasts a strange and colorful history including death cheaters, […]

The transition from daylight saving time to standard time leads to depressions

“The year has 16 months: November, December, January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November, November, November, November,” writes the Danish poet Henrik Nordbrandt in a disheartening comment on the month we are about to enter. And Nordbrandt is not the only one suffering in November. A recently published study documents that […]

The Strange and Surprising History of Daylight Saving Time

U.S. clocks spring forward again this Sunday, March 13, for daylight saving time, the annual event that stretches the hours of evening sunlight and irritates those who’d rather leave well enough alone. So who’s responsible for this controversial clock changing? Ben Franklin first introduced the basic idea way back in 1784, but he did so with tongue planted firmly in […]