Thu Sep 5 (Hour 1-2) Rev. Michael J.S. Carter – God, ETs & the Evolution of Human Consciousness

Frequent guest of History Channel’s Ancient Aliens series, Reverend Michael Carter, takes ancient astronaut theory to its next developmental step in his latest work, drawing on the works of such giants as Erich von Däniken and Zecharia Sitchin, it is well established that many in the UFO community believe that our ancient ancestors mistook extraterrestrial […]

Psychologists Say SETI Has Faulty Alien Contact Methods

A group of psychologists say scientists will never make contact with aliens because aliens are likely to use communications based on unknown physical principles. They also say scientists are prone to so-called inattentional blindness. A group of psychologists from the University of Cadiz in Spain has published an article criticizing alien-seeking scientists involved in the […]

The Drake Equation Is Broken; Here’s How To Fix It

In 1961, scientist Frank Drake wrote down a simple-looking equation for estimating the number of active, technologically-advanced, communicating civilizations in the Milky Way. From first principles, there was no good way to simply estimate a number, but Drake had the brilliant idea of writing down a large number of parameters that could be estimated, which […]

Flying Saucer German Technology From Before WW2

A German newspaper recently published an interview with George Klein, famous German engineer and aircraft expert, describing the experimental construction of ‘flying saucers’ carried out by him from 1941 to 1945.” Exotic technology has been around for a long time, and so have the agencies within the Department of Defense that use it. Just imagine […]

Alien Satellites and Other Space Junk Could Help Us Find Extraterrestrial Intelligence

Earth is surrounded by a giant bubble of space junk—but similar trash rings around other planets might be a clue as we go hunting for technologically advanced life beyond humans. That’s according to a recent paper posted to the physics pre-print site Its author, Héctor Socas-Navarro, spends most of his time at the Canary […]

Is Humanity Ready for the Discovery of Alien Life?

When ‘Oumuamua, a mysterious interstellar object, swept through our solar system last October, it elicited breathless news stories all asking the obvious question—is it a spaceship? There were no signs it was—although many people seemed to hope otherwise. Throughout history most strange new cosmic phenomena have made us wonder: Could this be it, the moment […]

NASA Should Start Funding SETI Again

In 1993, Sen. Richard Bryan (D–Nev.) introduced a last-minute amendment that ended funding for Project HRMS, the last major Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI) program funded by NASA. “This hopefully,” he quipped, “will be the end of Martian hunting season at the taxpayer’s expense.” Today, NASA does not have any SETI programs, and does not […]