21 National Parks Where You Can Enjoy the 2017 Solar Eclipse

The National Park Service (NPS) expects “very large crowds” to flood the John Day Fossil Beds National Monument, as “Eastern Oregon is predicted to be one of the best total eclipse viewing areas in the country,” according to the NPS website. Located within the John Day River basin, the national monument is known for its […]

Africa stargazers glimpse ‘ring of fire’ during annular solar eclipse last week

Stargazers in south and central Africa were treated to a spectacular solar eclipse on Thursday with the moon moving across the sun to form a “ring of fire”. At the eclipse’s peak, all that was visible was a ring of light encircling a blackened moon – but the phenomenon was fully visible only to people […]

Alaska Airlines Delays Flight So Passengers Can Get This Otherworldly View

This is one flight delay people were actually happy about. Alaska Airlines delayed a Tuesday flight by 25 minutes so that passengers would have an ideal view of a total solar eclipse. Astronomer Joe Rao noticed about a year ago that Flight 870 — from Anchorage to Honololu — was going to pass right through […]

In Case You Missed It: Stunning Photos of Rare Solar Eclipse

Thousands of Indonesians witnessed a rare celestial event on Tuesday night: a total eclipse of the sun. The moon passes between Earth and the sun every month, but a total solar eclipse happens only when the three celestial bodies are perfectly aligned. And this particular eclipse was even more spectacular, because it occurred while the […]

Total solar eclipse and asteroid flyby on Tuesday, a cosmic double feature

Tuesday seems to be a double-header for cosmic events: A total solar eclipse will shadow Indonesia and the North Pacific Ocean, and a 100-foot-wide asteroid will streak past Earth. The total solar eclipse of March 2016 is the only total eclipse of the sun of the year. The last one occurred in March 2015 and this […]