Head of secret Pentagon program says UFOs can “warp space-time”—what?

Luis Elizondo, former head of a secret Pentagon program studying UFOs, is now extending his recent remarks about craft witnessed in our skies… In an interview with the UK Daily Star (2/8), Elizondo made the following boggling comments: “For the first time, we have a compelling picture that what we are seeing is explained in […]

Brain-Like Neural Networks Study Space-Time Distortions at Breakneck Speed

Researchers have used brain-like “neural networks” to analyze key distortions in space-time 10 million times faster than conventional methods can do so. The new study trained an artificial-intelligence system to examine features called gravitational lenses in images from the Hubble Space Telescope as well as simulated images. The process could give researchers a better glimpse […]

All ‘Original Seven’ American astronauts now dead

John Glenn’s passing on Thursday means that the first seven American astronauts chosen to lead the fledging US space program in 1959 are now dead, ending a groundbreaking chapter in American history. This crew of military aviators, known as the Original Seven, or “Mercury 7,” proved that spaceflight was possible, and paved the way for […]

Paranormal Experts Say Rare 737 Engine Blowout Due to UFO Encounter

A Southwest Airlines Boeing 737-700 flying from New Orleans to Orlando, Florida, made an emergency landing Saturday morning due to an apparent major blowout of one of its two engines. What caused such extensive engine damage? Why didn’t Flight 3472 crash? Some of the passengers onboard Flight 3472 report missing time. They reported on twitter […]

Ancient Stars Unleashed a Space-Time Tsunami Felt on Earth

The first direct detection of gravitational waves—the echoes of a collision between two black holes more than a billion years ago—was the astronomer’s equivalent of coming across a spectacular, never-before-seen fossil. Now, a new simulation of the universe aims to reconstruct that fossil by unraveling how the black holes formed in the first place. According […]