We Can’t Alter The Flow of Time But, According to Physics, We Can Bend It

Most of us have dreamed of traveling through time, backward or forwards, faster than those around us. And surprisingly, recent work has shown us that time travel is far more than just a dream. In fact, a number of researchers have explored, and are currently exploring, the legitimacy of time travel. While they haven’t quite […]

Stephen Hawking thinks he knows what happened before the beginning of time

Neil deGrasse Tyson’s show Star Talk is ending its fourth season with a bang—a big one. The big one, to be precise. The show, filmed at the American Museum of Natural History in New York City, features famous astrophysicist Tyson interviewing famous-for-things-other-than-physics folks through the lens of science. For this Sunday’s season finale, Tyson’s guest […]

How to Handle This Year’s Extra Second: ‘Smear’ It

(NEWSER) – For many, 2016 can’t end soon enough. For everyone, though, it’s actually going to last one second longer than usual. With New Year’s Eve approaching, outlets such as Phys.org are reminding people that an extra “leap second” will be added to the final day of 2016 in order to keep our earthly time-keeping […]

Latest Space-Time Ripples Confirm New Era of Astronomy

Scientists have directly observed gravitational waves, ripples in the fabric of spacetime, for the second time—confirming the start of a new era of astronomy. Much like the historic first observation announced in February, the second event marked the cataclysmic embrace of two black holes more than a billion years ago. This fatal attraction sent shockwaves […]