Terms of Service

Our terms and conditions are pretty simple:

1. Since we are accepting comments on our news posts, guests and show notes, you should not post personal defamatory comments on our site. Let’s be nice and just discuss the topic at hand. We’ll allow both sides of any argument, but if it gets out of hand, we’ll close the commenting.

When posting to our comments on the webpage or to our Facebook page, do not use any name or handle that refer to Art Bell or Dark Matter, as this will confuse our other readers as to the source of the comment.

Please don’t treat the comments as a chat room, or post off topic comments, try to find the most appropriate post / article to add your comment.

2. You will not copy wholesale articles and content from this website and post anywhere else, except for your personal uses. You may capture pages for including in your own personal note taking service such as Evernote, One Note or on your computer, but please don’t make such pages public. Refer them back to our site so it helps support us if people come back here.

3. Any material submitted to the website for posting will come with non-exclusive rights granted by you for us to post publicly. Please do not submit materials that you do not have the rights to. You may submit URLs to third-party content for us to review and post at our discretion.

We reserve the right to revise and extend these terms at any time.