Wed Aug 21 (Hour 1) Tessa B. Dick – My Life With Philip K. Dick

Tessa B. Dick was the wife of Philip K. Dick, a prolific American writer known for his infamous works in science fiction will be joining Tim Weisberg to share some insights on his life and influence on the world.
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Tessa B. Dick is the fifth and last wife of Philip K. Dick. She has been writing professionally since high school. She focused on journalism, but her husband encouraged her to write fiction when he read her first short story. After teaching English and Communications at Chapman University for 12 years, Tessa retired to a small mountain community where she continues writing and volunteers in the community through the Lioness club, a part of Lions International. Her surrealist novel The Darkening of the Light was inspired by Philip K. Dick’s VALIS trilogy. She has also published two memoirs about her husband, as well as several other books.

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