Thu Mar 1 – Victor Camacho – Anomalous Artifacts

Victor Camacho is the Producer, Director, and Researcher of Desvelado Network, based in Los Angeles, Ca., where he hosts the program Los Desvelados. He has been broadcasting for 22 years and investigating topics in the UFO field, the paranormal, forbidden archaeology, conspiracies, and other realities.This unique program focuses on the Hispanic community in the United States and Mexico. Victor Camacho was born in Mexico, and has been working in media for over 29 years. He studied Communication at Weber State University in Utah. Victor Camacho has appeared in popular programs on the Discovery Channel, History Channel, and in episodes on the UFO Hunters, and Fact or Faked on the SyFy Channel.

1 – Michoacan Jade plate B


Teocaltiche UFO collection mud pieces

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