Tue May 22 – William Jevning – The Minnesota Iceman

In the last half of Midnight in the Desert with Dave Schrader, mysteries abound with the discovery of The Minnesota Iceman and a historic look at encounters with Bigfoot creatures.  In 1967, a sideshow performer named Frank Hansen revealed to the world, a Beast, frozen in ice. Hansen’s exhibit preceded the infamous Patterson-Gimlin account by several months and world-renowned zoologists pronounced that it was a real, unknown animal. Was it definitive proof of a Cryptid Creature, a lost ancestor, or a hoax that deceived science?

William Jevning has been a field investigator and researcher of the creatures known as Sasquatch since 1972. He has also been a guest and co-host of many radio and podcast shows and participated in the History channel television show Americas Book of Secrets, the Mystery of Bigfoot. Minnesota Iceman”, and “In Search of the Unknown”. William also Studied Anthropology and Psychology at Washington State University.

Website: WilliamJevning.com




May 22, 2018 Exhibits:

Minnesota Iceman
Alaska Bigfoot
Michigan Bigfoot from Deb R.
Appendages Off The-Ground from Deb R.
Sketch of Michigan Bigfoot from Justin Mark


Last Program Exhibits:

Black bear overlap and 1964 Laird Mtn 17 inch track comparison
Sasquatch Track Daniel Ronald
Footprint Comparison
Sasquach Track Gayle Beatty
Sasquach track Ruth Ackland 2015
Sasquach track Muana Cary
Rock Stack
Hole built by Sasquach



July 2016’s Exhibits: (Click to Enlarge)

1. 39270002    2. FH000254

3. 39280003   4. FH000259

5. washougal tree1   6. bills-track-for-cups

7. Daniel Ronald1   8. Daniel Ronald5

9. Gayle beatty9   10. SasquatchHandpri_11593Dave Gibson

11. track2-lowres   12. adult-human-and-Sasquatch-hand-comparison

13. Footprint-Comparison2   14. photo's-121

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