Fri Jun 21 (Hour 1) – William Lawrence – New Breakthroughs in Alien Communication

William Lawrence will share his research of new methods of communicating with Extraterrestrial Intelligence. He has Developed a new method of spectroscopy and has discovered Extraterrestrial messages in the visible light frequency of our star the Sun.

Contact with Extraterrestrial Life; The Untold Story
Quantum Visible Light Communication and the Non-Physical Realm
Macroscopic Quantum Communication with Extraterrestrial Life
Telepathy is a form of Quantum Communication

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William Lawrence is a Photographer investigating new methods of communicating with Extraterrestrial Intelligence. Developing a new method of spectroscopy he has discovered Extraterrestrial Messages in the Visible Light Frequency of our star the Sun. In 2015 while creating a experiment to communicate with Ghosts he discovered that not only Ghosts were able to become visible but other life forms that he concluded were not from Earth. With this Discovery came many Unexplained Sightings of U.F.O.’s and it seemed the U.F.O.’s were targeting him due to discovering the frequency they’re using to communicate. Since 1984 most SETI Experiments searched for Radio Signals from E.T. but now with new Communication Technology there are other possible frequencies Extraterrestrials could be using and these new technologies is what William is looking into to establish communication with Extraterrestrial Life.


1. Human Soul: Eyes, nose, mouth, shoulders and large white forehead.
2. Advanced Reptile: Gold reflective eyes, nostril holes, up side down mouth and large brown head. (April 2015 Capture)
3. Light being riding on a beam of light looking through the rear end of an old telescope. Galileo’s Spy Glass.
4. Three Unknown Entities: Small grey on the left, tall man or women in the middle and bald man in a suit on the right.
5. Advanced Reptile: Gold reflective eye with one nostril hole looking right. (2016 capture)
6. The Ritual: Tall man in a shiny robe with pointy hat on the left holding his hands in front of him. On the right, bald man kneeled down in front of the man in the robe wearing a black coat. (First photograph taken of Bent Light.)
7. High Altitude U.F.O. I Witnessed what looked like a dim blue light moving at night in the sky. One of many visitations I snapped this photo with a Nikon CoolPix P900. The original photo the object is high in the night sky and appears to be stationary. This is the object zoomed in.
8. Radio Display: Unknown Language
Radio Interference (
9. Unknown Language: From the radio display
10. Moonlight Experiment: Three Unexplained Entities
Moonlight video with Unexplained Audio Captured. Strange Growls (sounds like lions)


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